The Dan Reno Series

Though he would not concede this point, Dan Reno probably lost any chance at a normal life after his father was killed by a point-blank shotgun blast. At thirteen years old, Reno was left to draw conclusions on a world that paroled society’s worst criminals and set them free to maim and kill.

Fresh out of college, Reno got married and was hired by a friend of his father’s as an apprentice private investigator. The marriage ended when Reno first killed a man, a desperate pedophile who tried to slit Reno’s throat in a bar parking lot. Shortly afterward, Reno lost his job, along with his wife.

Next came three years working for a bail bondsman, chasing skips all over the Western U.S. More deaths ensued, and Reno started appreciating the value of a good bullet proof vest. When that gig ended, Reno hired on with a low-rung investigative service that paid him barely enough to cover his monthly bills. In STATELINE, Reno quits his job after collecting a large bounty for bringing down a killer and his cohorts in South Lake Tahoe.

But the money he’d earned soon ran dry, and in DYING FOR THE HIGHLIFE Reno faces losing the home he bought near Lake Tahoe. With no better options, he takes a longshot of a case, and works to track down an elusive lottery winner. Joined by his buddy Cody Gibbons, Reno does his part, but doesn’t get paid. That becomes the least of his problems when the Lotto winner is kidnapped, along with Gibbons.

SPEED METAL BLUES finds Reno working as a bounty hunter. When he apprehends his first target, a gang of east coast thugs new to Lake Tahoe promise payback. The problem escalates when the second target takes an unhealthy interest in a teenage boy and his older sister, both friends of Reno.  Mix in Cody Gibbons, an ex-Mafia hit-man, his mentally disabled son, a Mexican street gang, and a devil worshiping cult, and watch Reno earn his paycheck.

DARK ICE tells the story of Reno’s investigation into the killing of a retired military officer’s daughter. The case is compounded when Cody Gibbon’s floozy girlfriend is murdered shortly afterward. Are the bikers who are trying to extort thirty grand from Reno involved? Or is it a serial killer with his own twisted motivations?

Now living with his girlfriend, Reno is contacted by an eccentric Hollywood actor whose daughter’s rapist was declared innocent after the evidence disappeared during the trial. It’s obviously an inside job, but if money’s not behind it, what could be the motivation? HARD PREJUDICE pits Reno against a band of ex-Marine drug smugglers who have declared their own brand of jihad against the oblivious citizens of San Jose.

When the parents of a victimized woman call Reno, he travels to Southern Utah to investigate a murder and kidnapping. THE DOOMSDAY GIRL tells the story of Reno’s journey into the world of multiple personalities, unhinged survivalists, blood diamonds, and Russian mobsters who will stop at nothing to get what they want.

In RIGHT CROSS, Reno’s contacted by a strange couple that claim to be seeking their lost nephew. Reno is dubious and tries to play it cautiously, but by the time he discovers what he’s signed up for, the trouble is already irreversible. With his fiancée Candi at home pregnant, Reno’s in uncharted territory, and he’ll learn how far he’s willing to go to save himself.

In THE ASYLUM THREAD, humiliated by a serial rapist in court, South Lake Tahoe’s sheriff and district attorney turn to Dan Reno for justice. Dealing with his fiancée’s mental breakdown, Reno welcomes the distraction, but he knows the case makes no sense. Short of killing the criminal, what can he do?